The ‘Trip Report’ Presents

Whale Fat Follies


Jun 11 to Aug 20, 2022 6.45pm to 9pm

The Alaskan Show the Department of Tourism does NOT want you to see!

Just when you thought you were safe, The Whale Fat Follies is back for 2014! The Whale Fat Follies is the most extravagant Alaskan multi-media musical comedy ever staged, and features what Alaskans like best -- Vicious political satire set to a happy, toe-tapping beat.

The Follies proudly presents a live band, stunning singers and dancers, over 800 awe-inspiring images of Alaskan stupidity, and a costume budget of over thirty-five dollars. According to Mr. Whitekeys, "We're not as funny as the Alaska Legislature, but we're proud to be a close second!".

This is the first time The Whale Fat Follies has been presented in two years, and it's back with a satirical vengeance! The Whale Fat Follies originally ran for 21 years at Mr. Whitekeys' Fly By Night Club, and this limited 31-run show is only the third time the show has been staged since the iconic Spenard sleazy bar closed it's doors in 2006.

Joining Mr. Whitekeys on stage is an All Star cast featuring the stunning chanteuse Miss Bridget Sullivan, the totally hilarious Cameron Morrison, Justin "Beaver" Somadoruff on bass, Mudflats Morgan Welch on drums, and the singing multi-media wizard Joey H. D. Murphy.

A tantalizing menu of fresh tasty American comfort cuisine and beverages is available. It's like real dinner theater without any brussels sprouts or beets.

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